The Blooming Tree Wealth Management Process

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Your financial success begins with a process that yields a plan capable of achieving your goals. Blooming Tree Wealth Management has developed that process through years of experience serving retirees. 

What Blooming Tree brings you that the big box one-size-fits-all approach doesn't, is a personalized, attentive, responsive, transparent experience.

Blooming Tree Wealth Management believes in being completely transparent with current and prospective clients. At the foundation of our process is you. We put dialogue ahead of monologues, meaning we won't preach to you about what you need to do with your money. Instead, we listen, ask, discuss, and plan for your financial future as a team.

To help you make the best decision when choosing a financial advisor and agreeing to a financial plan, we will give you insight into our process and what it's like to work with BTWM. Our process begins with two meetings:


Goal Meeting

The first meeting we have, which will last around 30 minutes, is our Goal Meeting. This is an introduction to working together where Financial Advisor Ryan O'Connell (linked to Ryan's page) will learn about your unique needs and goals.

There is no commitment, obligation, or charge for this meeting. We will have this meeting in whatever way is most comfortable for you. Although we prefer to meet in person at a coffee shop or for a casual lunch, we can hold this meeting remotely if desired.

We will walk you through the very basics of our process, but primarily, to listen to you and answer any questions you may have.


Solutions Meeting 

The second meeting with Blooming Tree Wealth Management is called the “Solutions Meeting.” Simply put, in this meeting we will discuss what we plan to help you accomplish if you hire us.

Before this meeting, we will need you to complete the Client Expense Worksheet and Financial Planning Questionnaire. The information you provide us with will shape our research and the creation of your plan.

There is no commitment, obligation, or charge for this meeting. This is meeting is intended to show you how we can positively shape your retirement plan and both learn if we're the right fit to work together. We want you to know and be comfortable with our team and the plan we've developed for you before getting starting.


Information We Need From You 

To know how to help you and what you need, the Blooming Tree Wealth Management team needs to have an accurate picture of your current cash flow story and how this story is likely to change in retirement.

We want to learn the following about you and your ideal financial future. In addition to completing the BTWM Client Expense Worksheet and Financial Planning Questionnaire, we want to know...

  • What worries you about retirement.
  • Your most important dreams and goals.
  • What the perfect retirement plan looks like for you.
  • Your ideal retirement scenario. What would you like to do that you're not sure you could currently accomplish?
  • Related information that helps us create a custom investment plan for you and your family.


Ready to schedule your Goal Meeting? Fill out the forms located below or go ahead and click “Get Started” to schedule your initial meeting with Blooming Tree Wealth Management Financial Advisor Ryan O'Connell. 



  • Client Expense Worksheet
  • Financial Planning Questionnaire

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