Meet Steve Dobski

Meet Steve Dobski of Blooming Tree Wealth Management

It is a pleasure seeing peoples’ faces when we get to tell them they will be ok and how we can change things to put them in a better place.” -- Steve Dobski

Name: Steve Dobski

Role: Wealth Manager 

What Steve loves most about BTWM: “Our attention to detail and the urge we put into helping people put their financial lives in order by using all the resources we have at our disposal.”

Favorite food: “Pizza, hands down!”

Favorite movie: Dark Knight, Predator

Favorite musician/group: “I prefer talk radio and music preferences change depending on the mood and situation.”

Motto/favorite quote: “The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” -- David Viscott

Steve Dobski is an experienced and dedicated wealth manager and planner who loves nothing more than using his gifts to help families succeed. He specializes in investment selection, which includes endless hours of research, tracking trends and the performance of securities, and developing investment plans and retirement streams of income that will achieve your specific financial goals.

Steve values the “boutique feel” and service that BTWM provides clients. He is aided by BTWM’s partnership with the largest independent Broker Dealer, giving the team added buying power to execute his investment plans.

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