Meet Patty Rennie

“I enjoy being able to assist BTWM’s Ryan and Steve, helping them succeed in their efforts to help every client achieve their goals.” -- Patty Rennie

Name: Patricia Rennie

Role: Administrative Assistant

What Patricia loves most about BTWM: “Everyone works together to help clients reach their goals.”

Favorite food: Buffalo chicken

Favorite movie: Action movies. “My all-time favorite Actor is Sam Elliot, especially in Road House.”

Favorite musician/group: Lynyrd Skynyrd

Motto/favorite quote: “I believe everything happens for a reason.” -- Marilyn Monroe

Patty is a valued member of the Blooming Tree Wealth Management team. She keeps clients needs top of mind for the rest of the staff while handling paperwork, answering phone calls, organizing tasks, and much more.

“I love how everyone works together to give the best possible service and results for clients,” Patty says. Her favorite part of the job is working with the BTWM team. “It’s inspiring to see how much this company cares about clients, and evident through the plans they create to allow clients to achieve their retirement goals.

When she’s not helping Blooming Tree Wealth Management accomplish client goals, Patty is playing with her two dogs, hiking, bowling, or spending quality time with her two daughters Sonia and Lisa.

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