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Protecting Your Purchasing Power: BTWM Virtual Lunch Webinar Recap

What do you expect from your financial advisor?


Clients work with Blooming Tree Wealth Management (BTWM) to protect their purchasing power in retirement. Everyone’s purchasing power appears to be at risk because of the current state of the market. Inflation, which decreases our purchasing power, is on the way after adding nearly 30% of the total amount of money in circulation (USD).


We discussed purchasing power, thematic investing, and where opportunities can be found in the market during our recent BTWM virtual lunch webinar on October 21. We introduced guest speaker Sara Tunnell, Analyst and Product Manager for AllianceBernstein’s Sustainable Global Thematic Portfolio.


The AB Sustainable Global Thematic Fund (ATEYX) is a 4-star ETF (Morningstar) that focuses on themes rather than individual companies. “We want to make sure we’re at least fishing in the right pond,” said Sara. The fund’s focus is on sustainable investment themes that seek to perform well in any investment climate. The fund has currently identified 12 themes that represent attractive opportunities that are expected to develop and continue to grow over the next 20-30 years. According to Sara, each theme is in an area “where they have their own drivers of growth.”


One of the themes discussed in the webinar was electric vehicles. With states here in the US and countries worldwide declaring their interest in shifting away from traditional combustion engines, electric vehicles present a significant opportunity for investors. Although Tesla (TSLA) may be the standout leader in this industry, there are enablers, like Wolfspeed. Wolfspeed provides Silicon Carbide and GaN electronics, which are used in the design of electric vehicles. There are many opportunities within the electric vehicle industry when looking at enablers rather than solely vehicle manufacturers.


Other themes AB has identified include health, climate, empowerment, and internet traffic. The long-term success of these themes aren’t tied to US estimates of GDP and are expected to rise regardless of short-term ups and downs in the market. With inflation around the corner, consider looking at themes with room for growth.


Thank you to everyone who was able to attend this cost-free virtual lunch webinar.