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Uncovering Opportunity in Today’s Stock Market: BTWM Q4 Lunch Webinar Preview

The S&P 500 has consistently stayed between 4,400 and 4,450 over the past two months. When compared to a gain of 200 in the previous two months (June 3 - August 3), the market has screeched to a halt.  

When the market is treading water, it can raise doubt as to whether you should keep the majority of your portfolio in stocks, or look elsewhere. However, there are no comparable alternatives to the upside that investing in great companies provides. 

On October 21 at 12 PM Central, Blooming Tree Wealth Management’s Ryan O’Connell will host a cost-free virtual lunch to discuss where opportunities lie in today’s stock market. Ryan will introduce guest speaker Sara Tunnell, Product Manager for AllianceBernstein’s Sustainable Global Thematic Portfolio. Thematic portfolios represent an interesting lens with which we can look at the investment landscape. These kinds of funds seek to “generate superior financial returns through investments that contribute to positive social and environmental outcomes.” Investments in these funds include companies working within several important categories and issues, including climate, health, and empowerment.

“Spending on these themes is anticipated to grow faster than the economy, which is exciting in a market that looks fully valued otherwise,” says BTWM’s Ryan O’Connell. “Investing in companies that are solving major problems and positioned in areas with high expected growth presents opportunities to enjoy growth for the lowest possible cost.” 

Virtual Lunch Agenda: 

  • The current market landscape
  • Why stocks are still the primary investment vehicle for your portfolio
  • Introduction to Sara Tunnell  
  • Sustainable themes provide compelling investment opportunities
  • The world’s biggest challenges require innovative solutions
  • Grassroots research helps narrow thematic investment focus
  • Wrap-up
  • Q & A 

BTWM Virtual Lunch: When and Where is It?

Join us on October 21 at 12:00 PM for the free virtual lunch webinar. The webinar is accessible from your smartphone, laptop, tablet, or PC. Join us by clicking on the following link:, or by calling in at (646) 749-3122 (access code 902-937-309). You do not need to RSVP to join; simply show up for the virtual lunch and what is sure to be a great conversation.

What questions do you have about investing in the current market? Email your questions to

We’ll see you on October 21 at 12 PM Central for this quarter’s free virtual lunch.