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What's at the Top of My Watchlist

In a post published earlier this month (read here!), we talked about wide-moat stocks. To summarize, wide-moat stocks are companies that have a significant competitive advantage over their competitors. A silver-lining to the dramatic reduction in P/E this year is that some of these wide-moat companies are trading at steep discounts to their fair value.

As indicators show that a recession is likely, companies that are almost certain to survive even a lengthy recession, like wide-moat companies, become increasingly more attractive.

Can you picture companies like Amazon (AMZN), Alphabet (GOOGL), and Microsoft (MSFT) disappearing in the near future? When looking to improve the quality of your portfolio, consider adding undervalued companies with resiliency and competitive advantages. Also in vogue during difficult economic times: companies with healthy balance sheets that are raising dividends.

Readying your portfolio for storms in the market has less to do with avoiding any of the temporary downs. In times like these, it becomes increasingly important to identify the assets you need to bunker down and stay in ownership through the storm and on to the permanent ups.

Let’s talk about the potential of a recession and how to prepare your retirement portfolio.

Join me for the BTWM Q4 Virtual Lunch Webinar on November 4 at 12 PM. There is no RSVP required for the event. The stream is accessible from your smartphone, laptop, tablet, or PC. Join us by clicking on the following link:, or by calling in at (669) 224-3412. Use access code 902-937-309.

What’s in your watchlist? Feel free to share below.

Note: This is not investment advice.