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Recession is Coming; Now What? BTWM Q4 Webinar Preview

Take a look at the weather in the market. A storm (recession) is imminent.

What we don’t know is how strong that storm will be. We’re not sure if we need to take shelter or simply dust off the umbrella. With unemployment remaining low, company earnings staying strong, and the FED paying close attention to market conditions, the incoming storm appears to be an extended drizzle.

What Should We Do About It?

When you know something is coming, you can plan for it, right? Well, the market predicts what’s to come. By the time the government acknowledges a recession is taking place, it will be over. In other words, when the signal is clear that a recession is here, the market will already be looking at the next round of data, and will likely be rebounding. Trying to predict a recession and potentially significant losses in your retirement account may result in missing your biggest opportunity for gains on the other side of the recession.

Over the next couple of months, Blooming Tree Wealth Management’s Ryan O’connell will be following several key developments and indicators:

  • Recession indicators
  • Inflation numbers
  • What the FED does with rates
  • Elections

Announcing the Q4 BTWM Virtual Lunch Webinar

Q4 is here, and it’s time for the final BTWM Virtual Lunch Webinar of 2022. The event, which is free to attend with no RSVP required, is scheduled for November 4 at 12 pm. The 30-45 minute webinar will cover the following topics:

  • Market Update
  • MOAT
  • 5 Stocks I’m Watching Closely
  • Anatomy of a Recession
  • The Dog Isn’t Barking
  • Waiting for Signals (Don’t!)
  • How Upcoming Elections May Impact the Markets
  • What I’m Watching For
  • Q&A 

How to Attend the BTWM Q4 Virtual Lunch Webinar

Join Ryan O’connell and BTWM for our Q4 Virtual Lunch Webinar on November 4 at 12 PM. There is no RSVP required for the event. The stream is accessible from your smartphone, laptop, tablet, or PC. Join us by clicking on the following link:, or by calling in at (669) 224-3412. Use access code 902-937-309.